Why Choose Us?

The leader in Epilobium research and product development.

Seed to Shelf  - naturally grown and processed in San Diego, California.

TomSomers - San Diego, CA: Used it 10+ years - age 70+ / I have used the prostateproduct for a long time and it was my first choice before a pharmaceutical T.S.

Rick Bolton - San Diego, CA: Used it 8 years - age 67 / I started takingfor my hair and it was working pretty good, then I noticed that was not gettingup as often at night, still take it - no side effects.

Steven Drabek - San Diego, CA: Used it10+ years - age 64 / I heard about Epilobium from a friend who was aware ofBob’s company. Just like a lot of peopleI was looking for DHT inhibitor for my hair. I just forgot to take it for a fewmonths and noticed I was getting up at night 3-4 times so being a scientistengineer, Bob explained why - in the best lay man’s terms, great product.

Anna & Martin Hack - Albuquerque NM:Used it 6+ years - age 70’s / My Husband and I use 12Day, He uses prostate andI have bladder issues, I love the new 2-ounce bottle - more convenient and itworks.

About Us

Epilobium Inc. is a natural Biotech Company that has been in business since April 2011. The Company develops natural products from the novel plant Epilobium for innovative, natural solutions to alleviate symptoms and health conditions associated with aging such as urinary tract problems, inflammation and hormone imbalances.

Through testing and research, the Company has developed products that enhance the overall quality of life for men and women of all ages.

Epilobium Inc. specializes in cultivating several species of the herbal plant Epilobium and extracting specific active ingredients specifically Oenothein B+. Epilobium Inc. has a patent pending for the process and application of Oenothein A and B.

Epilobium Inc. controls the entire supply chain; from its farm and manufacturing in San Diego.

The science of the plant Epilobium goes back 30 years from well-known University’sand established research institutes internationally.